LETTER: The place to be

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By The Staff


We were lucky enough to get tickets for the sold out Progressive Dinner. We, again, were joined by 4 friends from 3 different counties, for the event. Actually, they pestered us since the last Progressive Dinner because they didn’t want to miss it, this year! That says a lot.

The Main Street Association didn’t let us down. In fact, this year was even better than the last! The horse carriages added so much to the ambience. They were a big hit with our group as, it appeared, with everyone else. I hear we have Annette King, EDA executive director, to thank for that idea and making it happen.

Appetizers at the Polk House, together with the Spencer Magnet, were terrific and could have been a meal in itself. I want the onion dip recipe! T&R has the best soup around. It’s so memorable that one person, in our party, wanted to go there first. How do you make salads exciting? Have them at The Tea Cup, owned by David and Lorie. Lorie provides her own style of unique entertainment, as most everyone in Spencer County knows. The steak and chicken main course, at the Chamber, was complemented by great music and terrific service. After that we were so full we could hardly breathe. But, we couldn’t pass up the incredible desserts, made by the Homemakers and offered at the Red Scooter.

The evening was capped off with more wonderful music and socializing, at the Sanctuary. Thank you, John and Judy, for the warm and inviting gathering place.

Even though we were within a 3-block area, for 4 hours, we didn’t see or do everything. We missed the roses, photographs and wine and cheese. At $25 per person, it is the best deal around. Our group (and probably more of our friends) will be at the front of the line, when they start selling tickets for next year’s Progressive Dinner.

Thanks and “great job” to everyone who worked to make this event so successful.

Sue Schaefer