LETTER: A plea for pets

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By The Staff

As temperatures rise, take care of your pets…please. 

Did you know dogs can get sunburn and heat stroke?  Here’s a simple test--if it’s hot to you, it is hot for your pet. 

Here are simple tips--Don’t leave your dog in the sun for long periods of time, give the dog plenty of fresh, cool water and access to shade throughout the day, and never, ever, leave your dog in your car. 

These are so obvious, yet these things happen every summer.  I’ve seen dogs left out in the cold and ice, left in the mud sty caused by the recent downpours, left in an area filled with their own waste, and soon, I’m sure, left out to be baking in the hot summer sun.

It never ceases to amaze me how badly people can treat another living being, but thank God for people who step up to care for these wonderful creatures.

I’ll never understand why people have a pet only to treat it inhumanely and I suppose I know people who mistreat their dogs aren’t going to read this and change their ways, even though some of these things are required by law.  However, I also know there are others who actually care about animals and you can make a difference by either properly caring for an animal in distress or reporting any inhumane treatment you see.

To those who truly care look out for the ones who can’t speak for themselves or care for themselves. 

To those who mistreat your pets, if you don’t really care about these animals, why don’t you just find them another home where they can live a better, more humane life.

 Donna Lucchese