LETTER: Praises for a ‘miraculous recovery’

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For several years, I have lived with severe hip pain. The pain kept getting worse. I dismissed it as a case of sciatica. Needless to say, I had massages and took a lot of aspirin. Finally, after not being able to get on my horse or ride my bicycle, I phoned Spencer County Physical Therapy. Owner Becky House told me to drop by for a free evaluation.
I always thought Elk Creek was a great place to get a good meal and fill up my car with gas. I never expected to meet someone as qualified as Becky at her board-certified clinic. What a surprise.
Becky evaluated my condition and promptly referred me to a top orthopedic surgeon in Louisville. I thought I might get by with just a shot in my hip. Not so lucky. The surgeon showed me that my hip had badly deteriorated and I would need a hip replacement.
Two days after leaving the hospital, the staff at Spencer County Physical Therapy went to work on me.
Jason, a licensed massage therapist, went to work on my scar and leg muscles. Steve, a certified physical therapist started me on a program using the advanced equipment in the adjoining fitness center. Lisa, another physical therapist, along with Becky, constantly monitored my progress.
The hip replacement went very well. I am amazed that after three weeks I am walking without a limp. The pain is completely gone. I owe my miraculous recovery to Becky and her very qualified staff.
Ed Penziner