LETTER: Project Graduation, for the safety of kids

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By The Staff

I am writing this letter to inform the Community of Taylorsville that April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Spring is just days away now, high school seniors are winding down and thoughts now turn to celebrating those achievements and many will feel pressure to drink alcohol during prom and graduation night activities.

These celebrations often involve alcohol. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, during the months of prom and graduation, a disproportionate number of teens are involved, and even killed, in traffic accidents. Statistics show that alcohol-related fatalities tend to increase between the middle of April and the middle of June each year. The citizens of this community must do everything possible to keep our children safe.

Many parents feel that it is okay to provide alcohol at supervised parties. Remember giving teens alcohol is not only wrong it’s against the law. When combined with driving, underage consumption of alcohol can have a devastating impact on young lives. Parents play a major role in their children’s choices about alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. Teens and parents both need a strong reminder – underage drinking is illegal and can have disastrous consequences.

Another prevention activity that takes place each year at Spencer County High School is Project Graduation. This tradition was created to provide a safe environment for the graduate to celebrate their accomplishments. The event takes place the night of graduation and the student is provided a night of food, fun and games in addition to door prizes that will help in the next phase of their lives.  To make this happen, parents, students and staff of the Class of 2009 are busy asking for donations and planning activities to meet the budget needed.

In the economic times we are faced it is tough for all of us but giving back to the community for events such as Project Graduation if essential for the safety of our teens. There are many events planned in the upcoming weeks. Beginning this Saturday, you will see parents and students at the intersection collecting donations; remember one dollar will make a difference. There will also be other ways to help such as car washes, bake sales, cookbooks and coupon books for sale. In April, there will be a “Spencer Idol” talent show and Senior Day with a car show, yard sale, silent auction and much more.

If you would like to make a donation please contact Karen Ball at 477-7889.

Stay tuned for more information to follow. It’s for the Safety of our Children.

Karen Ball

Project Graduation Coordinator