LETTER: Promise to cut unfair taxes

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By The Staff

Like many people, I’m on a strict budget these days. Every new tax or increased tax reduces what I can spend in local businesses – even at Froman’s, as I didn’t have the money to refill an allergy prescription last month. The four percent tax increase allowed to circumvent the democratic process was legalized in a time of inflation when everybody was getting raises, but I actually heard one office-holder with the gall to call it “automatic,” even when people aren’t getting raises and are lucky to have jobs. Yes, these taxes are hurting most people during these bad economic times.

The most odious tax, though, here in Nottinghamshire, a.k.a. Spencer County, is the tax on insurance. The state forces us to have car insurance, and the county then taxes that insurance. In other words, the county is robbing us while the state holds a gun to our heads. Except for two magistrates, one of whom is not up for re-election, the fiscal court sitting in Nottingham is indeed robbing the poor – as well as everybody else.

Only a little less odious is the tax on our homeowner’s insurance, since anyone with a mortgage is forced by the lenders to have this insurance.

With elections approaching here in Nottinghamshire, I’m seeing lots of signs and hearing lots of talk about government and business experience of various candidates. I’m not hearing anything about real issues that affect the peasants of the shire.

Let’s hear candidates for fiscal court promise to repeal the tax on our insurance, at least on the first vehicle a family owns, and let’s hear candidates for the state legislature promise to repeal their ability to impose or collect such an unfair tax.

Carl Fahringer