LETTER: "Promises are cheap"

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By The Staff

“Promises are cheap”

This letter is in response to the article, “Community Center Update” published in the Spencer Magnet April 14, 2010.

In the article, Richard Travelstead stated that the largest portion of the $250,000 from a multiple of entities was the promise of a five acre donation from Tanglewood Golf Course.

Promises are cheap when it comes to Tanglewood Golfcourse. Two and a half years ago they promised the home owners on Tanglewood Drive that if we went along with the logging on the property owned by the golf course, part of the profits would be used to repave Tanglewood Dr. After tolerating the logging and the constant roar of trucks, which damaged the road worse, for three weeks, the project was completed.

Two and a half years later we are still waiting for the repaving to begin and the road at some points is impassable. Some of the damage in 18” deep.

My free advice to Mr. Travelstead is to make sure he has the promises in writing and certified because Tanglewood Golf Course is not a good neighbor.

Chuck Fischer


Editor’s note:

Tanglewood Golf Course President Mike Suchy told the Spencer Magnet that his promise was that any damage done to the road would be repaired. Suchy said he kept that promise and now it is the garbage truck that is responsible for any new damage.