LETTER: Reader calls out Karrer, newspaper

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The editorial published July 11, with no author listed, seems to be lacking in complete fair and impartial journalism. The quote “While we applaud the judge for trying to keep the court on task and to stop those who wish to publicly berate and belittle our public officials...”  Are you joking with the readers?
Bill Karrer has called the Taylorsville mayor’s actions stupid and referred to specific taxpayers and officials as cowards, terrorists, bullies, etc., and The Spencer Magnet gives Karrer a free pass.
Bill Karrer has come to Fiscal Court on countless occasions during C.L. Glasscock’s, Larry Lawson’s and David Jenkins’ terms as county judge, and attacked them publicly. Suddenly Karrer has had a conversion, very convenient. Karrer stated, in the new public comment guideline, he would only allow comments that the court would be interested in.
I make no excuses nor any apologies to anyone for my so called distasteful actions. I investigate issues and bring those issues to Fiscal Court and or the public, as is my constitutional right. Some citizens proclaim their displeasure in my tactics, but yet quietly confess I’m right about the issue. Yet these people do not possess the backbone, passion nor intelligence to do what I do under their warm and fuzzy premise. Instead, they stick their head in the sand and do nothing.
I believe the [county’s] changes to open record and comment policies are in response to me. No one speaks under comments or requests records as much as I do. Many issues would never be brought to light without my public comments and record requests. I think a high priority of this administration’s agenda is to suppress me and anyone aiding me, regardless of who it hurts.
Even this very newspaper has  ignored issues brought to them. Justification is relative, I guess.
Lawrence Trageser
Spencer County