LETTER: Reader says Hesselbrock has earned her vote

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After reading last week’s letter to the editor, I opened the 2010 State Auditor’s report concerning the Spencer County Clerk’s Office. Two things came to mind after reading the report.
First, why hasn’t the mishandled money been paid back to the county as the State Auditor requested? It seems to me that enough time has passed and the funds due to the county should be paid in full by now.
Second, when I compare the poor management and performance of the clerk’s office under the previous administration to the present county clerk’s office under the guidance of Lynn Hesselbrock, there simply is no comparison.
Lynn has dramatically changed the demeanor of the office. The key point is that the office is now service- and customer-oriented. And I feel comfortable that the funds coming into the clerk’s office are in good and capable hands.
Also, the new website is a huge step in the right direction. Lynn Hesselbrock will get my vote for county clerk, because in the short time that she has been in office, she has earned it.
Anita Chamberlain