LETTER: Resident appreciates checks and balances

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Wayne Cox’s letter to the editor made me laugh on several levels. First, I can’t tell you how many times I heard some elected and/or appointed Spencer county public servant tell me (or some version thereof) “Are you telling me how to do my job!?”, but let me count a few.

Sometime in late October, at the middle school, a city officer responded that way when I asked, incredulously, if I understood correctly he wouldn’t be writing a written report to an assault complaint at the middle school.  Three days later the chief of police said the exact same thing when I asked who set the standard of due diligence since the old chief wrote written incident reports instead of telling the “tax-paying citizens of Spencer county” to call for a copy of the Kentucky State Police call log entry.

As a former teacher, here, and in Jefferson county, I always thought urban kids lagged behind in certain subjects, especially civics as it is applied to the Commonwealth and the standard of governance EVERYONE should be held to, but this lack of knowledge crosses all kinds of Spencer county departments, from education to the old guard appointed by the old fiscal court.

Just a couple a weeks ago, another fellow Spencer countian was thanking her stars her family had been here, in Spencer county, for over “...a 100 generations...” and had the connections of the old Democratic sheriff’s deputies and knew who to call to get her problems taken care of.

So, to all you folks that think Mr.Cox’s lack of civic understanding is an outlier, think again. We “over-nighters”---people who live in Spencer but work in outside Spencer--- and we new-comers to the county have just pulled off a historic election, locally and nationally. The days of Orwell’s “some pigs are more equal than others” are slowly changing. P.S.Which elected Spencer county official approved Driscoll’s to build another liquor right in front of another liquor store at Settler’s Trace?. Yeah, I know like the old Democrat Judge used to say, “I can’t tell a man what to do with his property.”.

Thank you, Lawrence Trageser and the newly elected “good old boys” who might, at least, hold a standard and possibly create a better one.
Dale B. Edinger II
Elk Creek