LETTER: A response to “Nobody Important"

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By The Staff

This letter is in response to “Nobody Important” who appeared in the September 10 edition of the Spencer Magnet.

First of all, I wonder what’s really eating this person. It seems as though the writer is voting for Sarah Palin only because she is a woman. Don’t get me wrong. I voted for Senator Hillary Clinton, so this has nothing to do with me thinking that a woman can not handle the job.

The writer suggested that when Sarah Palin accepted the vice presidential nomination, thousands of women woke up. Was the writer asleep when Senator Clinton ran for the number one spot?

I believe the only reason John McCain picked Palin was to appeal to women like this writer. McCain does not think women should be in this election. Remember what he said when Senator Clinton was beating his socks off?

I was watching CNN the night McCain announced his running mate and the switchboard to the cable news channel was flooded from women all across the United States. They said if the Republican Party and John McCain believe women are that stupid, tell them to think again.

I’m teaching my daughter that Sarah Palin’s nomination is making history and making all of us into somebody important. Again, I ask. Where was this writer when Senator Clinton was running?

Rob Hardin