LETTER: A response from one letter writer to another

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This letter is a written response to a letter from Wesley Martin, which was run in the Magnet on Aug. 28.
Wes, I think you’re wrong on several counts.
We don’t have a responsible Fiscal Court judge. He is arrogant and his attitude is, “it’s my way or the highway” in his dealings with the magistrates and citizens. The sheriff tends to have a militaristic and dictator manner in his actions. The county attorney does not seem to be able to find the laws as they relate to rendering opinions to Judge-Executive Bill Karrer and Sheriff Buddy Stump (for example, the confiscation of Lawrence Trageser’s property and the installation of the county antenna without proper permits and building to code). The three of them have committed error after error in office and we need a change for the better.
The latest ridiculous decision of Karrer to hold daily meetings to pay the bills can only be the decision of an arrogant, narcissistic, self-important person. He likes to play the big guy in charge and do as he pleases without the vote of the magistrates. Since all past judges brought the bills to court to vote to pay or not pay, why does he see fit to eliminate the magistrates from their duty to vote up or down the county bills? Only since Karrer has taken office have we had an issue of who authorizes the payment of the bills. We also have an issue of overtime pay by not following the administrative code of the county among other issues that Karrer has done. These are only the tip of the iceberg, as the expression goes.  
It appears that every week we see more of the county being run by Boss Hogg and Rosco P. Coltrane. I believe if a scriptwriter found out about Spencer County, he could make a national hit TV show out of the county government actions here. Folks, it would be hard to make up the stuff we have seen since January 2011, but we are living it here in Spencer County.    
As to Karrer trying to remove Jerry Davis from office, I told him he didn’t hire Jerry, he is not his boss and he can’t fire him. What any magistrate does in his private life should be of no concern to the judge and only be addressed by the voters. For Karrer to assemble a file on anyone and then use that file to belittle or force them out of office shows the true character of Karrer.
In a discussion with Nathan Nation, I was told the email did not say he wanted the sheriff’s department off the analog system, he simply asked how long they wanted to stay on it. If you’re interested in the truth, I suggest you ask Nation about the email.
As to the administrative code, you must have missed my letter in which I described the real meaning of exempt and non-exempt workers. I suggest you reread my letter, the admin code and visit web sites with the real meanings of those terms to show why Karrer is wrong in his assumptions and opinions.
In your letter you stated, “The reality is that the newspaper is lazy. You go to a meeting or an event and you scribe what happened. And yes, it happened, but is it the truth? Sometimes yes and sometimes no.”
Wes, if the reporter attends a meeting and then reports what was said at the meeting verbatim how could it be sometimes a lie and sometimes the truth? It’s the job of the reporter to report exactly what was said, not what they think and I believe The Spencer Magnet reporters do that. I don’t see the relevance of screaming fire in a theater to what’s in a news article. It’s nowhere near the same thing.
I, too, don’t agree with every decision from the judge, sheriff or the county attorney, but I try to respect the office even while not respecting the holders of those offices. Spencer County can do much better to elect responsible people to office. As to The Spencer Magnet and judge coming together, the judge has told me he is not interested in any conversation with the paper and I believe it is because he can’t control them or dictate to them what to print. Remember, it’s his way or the highway.
In the past, I have talked to the Magnet staff and have suggested to them to only print the facts as they are and to keep their opinions to the opinion page. They told me they do that and I honestly believe they are adhering to that. The biggest problem I see is not enough county residents read the paper. Citizens should be highly interested in what is happening in their county because in truth that is their home. To be apathetic about county government business is not good and can lead to a corrupt government.
More people should read the web page spencercountywatchdog.com but you have to ignore the snarky, sarcastic statements and read the truth in the threads. Many times I have told Lawrence Trageser he would have more effect if he didn’t use the sarcastic comments. The Spencer Magnet doesn’t cover all the things the Watch Dog finds about what is happening in the county government, but the people need to know the truth.
Carl Darnell