LETTER: Response to unfair coverage letter

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By The Staff

Where do I begin? That's the question that has been plaguing my mind after reading the opinion letter by Ms. Furgason on July 29. I've decided that I will try my hardest to remain entirely objective. So please forgive me if I can not.

To state that any coverage of Judge Jenkins has been unfair is completely absurd. The Magnet has been reporting "just the facts ma'am." The reporting done by the Magnet has been consistently fair in reporting the suspicious charges on Jenkns' KACo credit card. The magnet has interviewed all the parties involved giving each and every party ample opportunity to state their case. The stories have been fair and non-opinionated. The only time Mrs. Bass' personal opinion on any issue whether it'd been local, national, or international would have been in her opinion column! Even then, she stayed away from the Jenkins scandal. I believe it was actually Mrs. Bass who has been advocating the "innocent until proven guilty" policy our Justice system has and that many of us tend to forget about during a story of such magnitude.

The facts are this: for the year 2008, when Jenkins was President of KACo, Spencer County contributed $158,500 to KACo. While Mr. Jenkins was entrusted with the taxpayer-funded credit card, nearly $20,000 in "entertainment" charges were charged to the card. If these charges were to Mr. Jenkins' personal card, it would be a non-issue. However, it was a taxpayer funded card, thus an investigation was started.

It seems strange that (a.) only the strip club and escort service charges were due to "identity theft" and (b.) neither KACo or Judge Jenkins spotted the questionable purchases on the monthly credit card statements. It was only until nearly a year later that they were spotted. However, that may just be my backwards thinking seeing that I'm only 15 years old.

To say that mrs. Bass was unfair is simply untrue. Every chance I get, I thank god for allowing me to live in such a free nation as the United States of America. It is in the Bill of Rights that we were given the freedom of speech that people like Mrs. Bass, Ms. Furgason, and I enjoy. The opinion section is a forum for readers to sound off, and aI love it, but I don't always agree.

On July 29th, Ms. Furgason called for the resignation of Mrs. Bass. Why? Because she oversaw that the Magnet fairly reported on the David Jenkins controversy? Give me a break! Not everyone should or has to agree with everything the Magnet says, particularly in the opinion section.

Ms. Furgason complained about the lack of J.D. Shelburne coverage. Ms. Furgason, not everyone cares! It's great to see J.D.'s success and I wish him the best but opinions, including likes and dislikes, are based entirely on perspective. In other words, what one person likes, another person may dislike.

However, to accuse Mrs. Bass of journalistic wrongdoing is absurd. Then, to turn around and do the same "wrong" things you accused Mrs. Bass of doing is equally bad.

In closing, I hope people, including Ms. Furgason, will just look at the facts and not distort another person's words to fit your partisan agenda.

I speak for many others when I say this – "Keep up the great job Robin Bass".

Corey Thomas