LETTER: Response to youth basketball letter

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By The Staff

I am writing in response to the letter last week regarding Spencer County Youth Basketball.

The coaches are volunteer parents who are giving their time to teach the game of basketball and provide a good experience for our children. Good sportsmanship is important and I believe that it has been emphasized.

Anytime you have 10 children on the court playing enthusiastically there will be some “rough play”, but from what I have seen it is not intentional and the kids are out there having fun.

If the referees started calling even a fraction of the fouls that are committed by every team in every game it would be impossible to get a game played. As the children get older they will gain better body control and a better understanding of the game.

This may be our last year with Spencer County basketball as well, not because of the behavior of the children but rather because of the unsportsmanlike conduct that comes from the stands.


Sandra Olliges