LETTER: Restoring Honor Rally

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By The Staff

“Freedom is not free,” is a statement we have heard since Glenn Beck started his program several years ago. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the “8/28 Restoring Honor” event that Beck sponsored at the Lincoln memorial. The focus of the event was faith, hope and charity – the foundations of our country. As a Christian, it became a pilgrimage and a challenge to attend.

On Thursday August 26, a friend and I headed to Frederick, Maryland on our motorcycles. The ride was good and the weather was excellent.

The next morning we left early for DC to see the area, measure the trip timing and the long walks between the sights. With generous help from the locals we were able to find our way with ease and to see where we would probably sit during the event.

We visited the Holocaust Museum, observing the thousands of photographs and reading the many accounts of lives of the Jewish people that were impacted by the cruel Hitler regime.

It’s very difficult to describe the feelings you have after seeing such cruelty. I came away with a greater understanding that “we must never forget”.

Next, was the Washington monument standing 555 feet with a capstone having the inscription of Laus Deo, meaning “Praise be to God”. Very few know about this. Continuing our walk to the Lincoln memorial, we came to the WWII memorial. This highlighted the holocaust visit with the “greatest generation” struggle in defeating the menace that ravaged the world killing some 50 million people before it ended in 1945.

We continued on, spending time at the Lincoln memorial. Thousands of people were there to sightsee the day before the rally. The sets were being completed. Practice was taking place and many people were finding their spots close to the podium. Many spent the night just so they would have a good spot for the event.

We caught the Metro back to DC. The line to get in to the station (one of several) was 200 yards long. We managed to get tickets, boarded the Metro, which was stuffed with people and this was the first pick-up stop. We met several more people going to the rally and since we were trapped we had a good time discussing not only the reason for the rally, but many things biblical. The people we met all had the same concerns for our nation. We arrived in DC, made our way to the Reflection Pool; however, we did not get very close to the Lincoln Memorial. The mass of humanity was growing rapidly. We found a place in view of one of the many jumbotrons, found our spot and waited for the rally to begin.

At precisely 10 a.m., Beck was to start the program. He had wanted a “flyover” which, of course, is not permitted in DC. However, at the very time the program was to begin, a flock of geese, in perfect formation, flew the length of the reflection pool. A standing ovation took place. What a beginning! It was not hard to see God was in control.

Many activities took place (pictures can be seen at glennbeck.com). When it came time for Alveda King (Martin Luther King Jr’s niece) to speak, she called for Glenn to pray with her (this was all offstage). She had received many threats for participating in this event.

One other incident, caught by the camera and not the crowd, was Sarah Palin, head bowed, eyes closed, praying for 10 minutes before she spoke. The Black Robe Regiment, some 240 preachers, rabbis, priests etc., representing several million people across the country were on stage arm in arm showing their collective solidarity in restoring honor to this once great God-fearing country.

There were many highlights to the event, but perhaps the one that most affected me was the closing ceremony. A group of bagpipers played “Amazing Grace,” a song written by a former British slave trader turned believer.

For me, this did not end the program but began a movement across this nation to truly restore honor, a “returning back to our roots” established by God through the founders of this great nation. Emphasizing faith, hope and charity as stated in I Cor. 13.13 “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity” (KJV).

Never before in the history of our country had one man been able to gather such great faith, hope and charity.

God bless Glenn Beck and God bless the United States of America.

Tom Rowe