LETTER: Shelburne’s charity softball game a success

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The sixth annual WAMZ Softball Game hosted at Ray Jewell Park that benefits St. Jude, was clearly a winner this year collecting a record amount of $6,200. That amount set the Shelburne team at a grand total raised for St. Jude over these six years, at $17,200.
The team, which consisted of band members, crew members and fans, collected money throughout the year that went toward their goal of $2,000. They exceeded their goal this year by a landslide and want to thank each of you who contributed. The WAMZ Country Hamz ended the day with a close win over the Shelburne team 13-11. After the game the Inmans hosted both teams at their home for a barbecue feast where the grand total was announced.
I am humbled by the outpouring of support of this special event and want to thank each and everyone who donated time and financial support.
A heartwarming thanks to the following:
David and Jane Shelburne, Nancy Ann and Mike Inman, Michael and Tempie Dignan, Brian Spencer, Ray Jewell Park, Damon and Julia Hitti, Marylin and Scotty Shelburne, Charles Guelda and sons, Greg and Jessica Allen, Jeff and Dorothy Rosen, Edwin Davis, Shirley Moore, Larry and Anna Cheek, Jimmy Stewart and Sandra Stewart, Daryl and Vicki Lamb, Joker and Leslie Phillips, Houston and Frankie Reinle, Tim and Denise Longaberger, Danny and Nancy Bibb, Larry and Tina Peebles, Kristina Peebles, Eric and Angela Carby, Rodney and JoNell Goodlett, AJ and Sylvia Shelburne, Davis and Bonnie Downs, Madge Day, Truman and Linda Monroe, Matt and Angie Goldstein, Linton and Sarah Hickman, Anna Thomas, Robert and Etta Elam & Robbie, Jon Borie, Lew and Sue Fergason, Cheryl Galmore, Janeen Blanton, Bobby Ward, James Kessinger, Brian and Lisa Leab, Beverly and Stanley Hill, Richard and Kim Dunkelburger, Darrel and Denise Redmon, Bill and Sandra Haynes, Joe and Joy Shouse, Thomas Tabb, Marie Thomas, Donna Ward, Marty and Betty June Harp, Tammy Wright, Roger Walters, Bob Morrissey, Jennifer Benaly, Lauren Miller, Melissa and Jessica Shelburne, John Robinson, Edwin and Lillie Shelburne, Dakota Ashbaugh, Tina Kelly, Rob Campbell and Cooper Redmon, as well as the businesses for their support.
The following entries donated cash for their chance to win the Homerun Derby: Tommy Shelburne, Rick Oppel, Dennis Meeks, Josh Lenfert, Chris Runner, Andrew Runner, Damon Hitti, Brent Kennedy, David Shelburne, Greg Allen, Hayden Allen, Eric Carby, Joey Garner, J. Beldon, Jackie Vail and Dave Redmon.
Special thanks to team members Scott Reynolds and Kent Taylor from WAVE 3 Television for being apart of the Shelburne team this year.
Thanks to the players, parents, Spencer Magnet, Courier Journal, 97.5 WAMZ, sponsors and fans who made this a huge success! Thank you to everyone who gave cash that were unnamed, we appreciate you.
See you next year over the $20,000 mark. I couldn’t do it without you.
JD Shelburne