LETTER: Show compassion for cattle owners

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By The Staff

I’m writing in response to the article about the Mt. Eden man who’s fed up with cattle on his property, which printed in the October 22 issue of the paper.

He can’t afford the $35 court fee, so he’s going to resort to killing the cows. What year is this person living in? Has he looked outside his own little world and considered the plight of the farmers? Just as he can’t afford the court fee, maybe the farmers can’t afford to fix their fences or feed their livestock when they are dealt one hard blow after another from the economy and the weather. If this man’s answer is to kill someone else’s livelihood because he feels like a victim, then he’s got problems much larger than trampled flowers and lost sleep from mooing cows.

Honestly, if this person cannot deal with some cows on his property from time to time, maybe he shouldn’t be living in a rural area. There are plenty of subdivisions to choose from without a cow in sight. Of course, He may have to contend with neighborhood kids running through his lawn making noise and trampling flowers.

People these days need to walk in others’ shoes. Have a little compassion. I’m sure the owner of the cattle isn’t opening his gate and letting his herd loose just to be “criminally mischievous.” Be a good neighbor. Ask the cattle’s owner what he can do to help the situation instead of wasting police officers’ time and the court’s time on a ridiculous case.

Jennifer Reynolds