LETTER: Show was a true blessing

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By The Staff

It’s too late for a chance to see this year’s performance of “Christmas at Frank & Al’s Diner,” but it’s never too late to express a sincere thank you to all those who brought such joy and laughter to the audience who were blessed to see the show this past weekend at Spencer Christian Church.

Amoungst our adults, young adults, and children, this area has so many gifted and talented artists and performers. From the awesome scenery, superb acting, singing and dancing, the performance was first rate and could easily win awards in any and all categories.

We wish that all those who worked so diligently to create the dinner show would truly realize how much their efforts were appreciated. It was a time of pure joy for not only us, but countless others in the community. If they repeat the show next year, please don’t miss the opportunity to see it, and if they decide to put on a different production during this coming year, be sure you’re in attendance. You’ll be in for a real treat.

Robert and Susan McGowan