LETTER: Show your love for Taylorsville at the polls this November

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Thank you for allowing me to comment on a subject that is close to my heart and has become of great interest and concern to me — the City of Taylorsville.
Moving from Louisville to this small town three years ago took a giant leap of faith and a little bit of courage.
It’s never easy being the new kid on the block, or in a new town. My faith was well-founded as I discovered a wealth of supportive, kind and genuinely wonderful neighbors and friends in Old South Plantation and the surrounding neighborhoods. Add to that wonderful local businesses and a big red barn that looks like something from a Norman Rockwell painting, just beyond my backyard, and I was sure I’d found a piece of heaven.
The security and peace of mind I’d enjoyed here was placed in jeopardy a short while ago, as the selfish interests of a few were nearly realized over the good of many. When I moved here, I never dreamed I would have to battle alongside my neighbors to keep the security and peace of mind we have all worked so hard to achieve.
I thank the elected and appointed officials who stood behind us. I am grateful that they have not forgotten why they are here and that they truly have the best interest of Taylorsville at heart. They are heroes to me and they define the term “public servants.”
I’d like to encourage each resident not to take for granted what you have here. Taylorsville is a beautiful and valuable small town with great potential. It is our home — a town that is worth investing in and fighting for.
With the upcoming election in November, I hope everyone will take a few minutes to let their voices be heard with their votes and choose carefully those who represent us.

Joyce Nalley