LETTER: A sign for sore eyes

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By The Staff

The things that have changed the face of Taylorsville should be applauded and more should be done as soon as economic recovery and grants allow.

I was thinking just the other day about a comment a very wealthy woman made about Taylorsville a few years ago. She said she would cover her eyes while traveling through Taylorsville because she couldn’t stand to look. I wouldn’t recommend that while driving. She was talking about the unsightly condition of many of the structures several years back, long before the improvements to Main Street and the revitalization that is taking place.

Wonder what she would think now, if she uncovers her eyes and takes a look? Perhaps it might be something like, “They’ve made some wonderful improvements. Isn’t the town looking nice? And she might add, “But you really have to wonder if they’re serious. Look at that trashy billboard, advertising an event that happened 6 months ago with a sign that’s peeling and falling down.”

Several years ago, when the city fathers signed a contract with an outdoor advertising agency to allow billboards, the understanding was that they would be kept up and would not be allowed to become unsightly. There was also a stipulation that local events would be advertised on them occasionally at no cost to the community. The owners of private property on which the billboards were installed would get a monthly fee.

Does the contract still exist? Are those still the stipulations? Does the city care about billboards one way or another?

A public official once said to me he thought it was a good idea to have billboards because they made Taylorsville and parts of Spencer County look “big time.” Sort of like Preston Highway, right?

If the City of Taylorsville and Spencer County Fiscal Court give a hoot about the appearance of the community, they should take action to have the billboards removed, now and forever more. Surely a contract that called for the billboard company to keep the things from becoming outdated and unsightly has been breached.

Let’s have the company take them down and haul away the trash.

Tom Watson