LETTER: Some have been quick to judge

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By The Staff

I have been thinking about all the publicity lately about our county judge and the views expressed by some of our citizens.

Often we are influenced by others’ views without knowing all the facts, the people involved or the circumstances. We are quick to judge and express our views before listening to others with an open mind. It is so easy to sit back and pass judgment on others. Sometimes we forget that there may be other opinions different from our own.

Today, we live in a society that is always ready to try to get ahead at our fellow man’s expense; always ready to find fault in others, but forgetting maybe our own shortcomings. Our “me” society. No one’s thoughts or opinions count but our own!

There are so many issues that are facing us as a community, country and world that I wonder if we could just step back, take a deep breath, and work together as a community to better face these issues.

Our judge, in my humble opinion, has always put the welfare of Spencer County and its citizens as his highest priority. 

As someone who has lived here most of my life, I have seen, in the last 10+ years, the changes and progress our county has made. I know that there are some who do not feel that change and progress are a good thing, but without some change and progress communities die.

I realize you will always have critics but as long as we are ready to roll up our sleeves and work together this progress can and will continue.

Brenda Stone