LETTER: Somebody, please fix Houston Court

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By The Staff

When I read the articles in the paper about all the city and county are doing to make our town and county pretty, I think back about all the times the citizens of Houston Court have asked for their help and nothing has been done.

We live at the bottom of Skaggs Hill. We have had an ongoing drainage problem here for years and the city and county can only blame each other about “who is responsible for this problem.”

There is a partially closed drainage ditch that runs beside of our street and my residence at 108 Houston Court. Years ago, the ditch was totally open and the owner of Southern States received permission from the town board to enclose it. This was done by placing a 36-inch pipe partially down the road and between my property and Southern States.

It did cure the problem of the snakes and the caving in of the ditch line, but now we have a huge problem when it rains. The water that can not pass through the ditch line overflows and comes into our properties. We have all lived here for years and taken many steps to get this problem handled.

I have written a letter to the transportation cabinet in Louisville and had a meeting with their design and drainage people concerning the new road/bridge. They advised me that the city and county needed to address this because it was their problem and they would not in any way cause any more damage to my residence.

I wrote letters in February 2007 to the county judge and the magistrates and enclosed pictures and met with them at the site. They could only say that they would have the Corps of Engineers research the drainage ditches above the city and see what could be done.

I made an appearance at a town meeting concerning my water bill and this problem. They in turn said that they would talk to the to the Corp of Engineers about this problem.

I have even stood at the pipe with these people and listened to the bickering they do. I have reported holes in the ground letting pipes show and endangering property here with the dirt coming away from electrical posts, and still no response or action has been taken. These people have seen photos of this problem.

The following has happened though: 1) my property has been flooded several times along with other properties here; 2) I have had to wash mud out of my outside buildings and the city did at my request adjust my water bill a little since it doubled due to the cleaning up; 3) my mowers were damaged with the flood waters along with other items in my buildings; 4) my hot tub was even moved along with the yard timbers I had down. My flowers were destroyed along with the many yard decorations that I had. 5) David Henry saw first hand the damage that our property had on one occasion. He was out campaigning while we were cleaning up.

We enjoy the many things that the City of Taylorsville is doing to make major streetscape and landscape projects throughout the town, but to be truthful, we all here wish that you would take care of the long needed problem we have. I don’t believe that many of us here would be able to enjoy all the beautiful things that some citizens want knowing that the money could have been spent to fix an ongoing problem for the many years that we have here. To go as far as to develop the river bank so that the public could have access to the river walk and park. Be real, the water that finally drains in thatvery river destroys many things in its way, including our property. Lynda’s Grill and Riverbend have received damage due to this drainage ditch.

To read that you all want the state to allow the county and city to take over this bridge to put money into it to make it pretty. People please, what are you thinking of? They can’t even make a decision about who is at blame for this existing problem on Houston Court.

The county says it is not their problem and the city says it is not their problem. What is going to happen down the road when the grant money runs out and the needed upkeep of this new project you want is added to their plate and nothing can be done?

Our problem is not going to fix itself. It will continue flowing onto our properties until someone steps up and decides to fix the problem that has existed for as far back as 1976 when my parents purchased the home.

Ellen Redmon