LETTER: Stevens’ career was built on helping others

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The word service is defined in the dictionary as “work done for somebody else.”
We think that describes Darrell Stevens very well. For years, he was on call day and night, never knowing what the next emergency might be. Probably in his mind, hoping the accident wouldn’t involve someone he knew, but in many, and probably most cases, it did.
Being a small, or what used to be a small county, if you are not related to someone involved in an accident, you probably know someone who is.
Many times, people have said to Darrell, “How do you do that job? How do you go to horrific accidents and just start working?”
He would say, “If it was someone in your family you would want somebody to help them.” And that’s what he did.
He never gave a selfish answer; it was always about trying to help someone that needed it.
Darrell has witnessed tragedies in his career. And some of these tragedies were personal and touched him deeply, but he never stopped trying to help. If it was a terrible car crash or a little girl with a fish hook in her finger, he went. From the very young to the very elderly, from people he had never met, to his own community or family, he went.
We believe to him, this was not just a job, but a calling. He has devoted most of his life to serving his community. And for this, we are proud, we are grateful, and we are thankful.
Darrell does not need validation from any elected official for his family or community to know what kind of person he is. He doesn’t have to retaliate or defend any accusations made against him, for we that know him, know the truth.
And now a new chapter is opening in Darrell’s life and wherever he is led, we know he will succeed, for he is kind, he is good, and he is blessed with a servant’s heart.
We offer these words with much love and appreciation.
Anna Stevens