LETTER: A take on the commissioner’s forum

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First, allow me to say that I appreciate The Spencer Magnet for allowing readers to express their opinions through this column. I understand that others may not share our views, but these letters to the editor are often very thought-provoking and sometimes inspirational. They help us to be a better Taylorsville by keeping us informed. I hope others will keep the letters coming.
That said, Thursday evening, Oct. 25, my neighbor and I attended a question and answer forum intended to assist voters with making the critical decision as to who is best qualified to fill the office of commissioner for the city of Taylorsville. Attendance was woefully low considering the impact our votes will have on those who will represent us on issues concerning our fair city. I understand that many of us have very busy schedules and the timing may not have been suitable for everyone, but I was glad I made the time to attend.
There were four new candidates who are vying for the office of commissioner for Taylorsville, as well as two who currently hold that office. I was impressed with the fresh, new ideas proposed by the new candidates and not surprised by many of the answers of those who have held the office of commissioner for several years.
Paul Gaddie appeared to be a well-educated and reasonable man who gave deliberate and well-thought-out answers to each of the questions he was asked. He would not likely be a man given to participating in the “cat fights” I have witnessed at some of the monthly meetings held at City Hall.
Jack Proctor has a good business mind and expressed his desire to help the city of Taylorsville reduce its sizeable debt and bring in new business to create jobs utilizing our greatest and most beautiful asset to do so, Taylorsville Lake.
Richard Johns, though plain spoken, had some good ideas as well and seemed to be in agreement with Mr. Gaddie and Mr. Proctor concerning current and future business practices and economic growth. The fact that they could agree on issues and the resolution of them made me feel hopeful for the direction of our city.
The most outspoken of the women was Kathy Spears. Her answers were a bit surprising at first glance. Things she has voted against in the past she said she would have “no problem” with, if that’s what the voters wanted. Those “things” that she has opposed, would have facilitated growth for our beautiful city. My personal experience with Ms. Spears reminded me that she is subject to change her opinion when the votes are actually taken.
Beverly Ingram was rather soft-spoken and focused mainly on the historic restoration of Main Street.
Our newcomer in the running, Ellen Redmon, has been a resident of Taylorsville for 56 years. She, as well as Mr. Johns, stepped forward to run for office because they saw the need for better government in Taylorsville. Though subtle, I saw an underlying strength in her with the potential to be an asset to our city.
I realize that these opinions are my personal take-away from that forum. Others may see things differently. Once again, I thank The Spencer Magnet for allowing me to express my views and hope they will be beneficial in our upcoming election. Most importantly, I hope this letter will remind everyone to please get out and cast your vote. Your vote matters.
Joyce Nalley