LETTER: Tax dollars are a terrible thing to waste

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By The Staff

After reading the last two issues of the Spencer Magnet in regards to the school board spending valuable taxpayer dollars on meaningless political arguments, I was infuriated and felt the need to express my strong opinion.

I will start by saying this; I have lived in Spencer County for just little over a year and so much political nonsense takes place in this county. I thought I moved from a very political place when our family relocated to here, but was very wrong! The county I moved from is not nearly this politically conflicting! I cannot believe how many citizens of this county enjoy wasting their time on such frivolous matters when there are many things being ignored that do matter. I am appalled at the amount of political conflicts that occur in this county. I enjoy my children going to such a small school system and growing up in a pleasant, small town environment, but what type of message do you set for the children and adolescents who reside in this county; especially when these children and adolescents read this paper weekly. Yes, that is correct; my seven- year old daughter just finished reading the paper before I did. Some parents may disapprove of a child reading a paper, but I think it serves as an educational tool in many circumstances. I am a language arts and reading major, thus I promote her reading any reading materials that are suitable. It is my belief that literacy is a powerful tool, even when she accepts it in the form of a newspaper. She read the school board articles and at once started asking questions about it. Of course, I answered her to the best of my ability.

I feel that school board members should place their primary focus on our children of the county and not piddle with taxpayer’s dollars to appeal a decision that was clearly made by an individual, (being Jack Conway), who is more than qualified to make a decision of this stature. Sandy Clevenger is right by her actions! Other districts use an open process when evaluating their superintendents. I have attended public events like this in the past, in the former county I lived in. As a Kentucky taxpayer, future educator, and mother of school-aged children, parents more so than cal right to know if the school officials are serving their children’s best interest successfully.

According to the paper, Mr. Adams has no problem with this process, but some of the members do. I am worried and greatly concerned about this! If these members are having problems in the eye of the public, then evidently you need not be on the school board. You are placed on the school board to serve the children of our community. Are you thinking of the students’ best interest or your own when pursuing this action? What do members of the school board need to conceal from parents of the county?

Taxpayer dollars need to be spent on things that are more pertinent; like hiring more teachers, for the already capped classrooms in the school district. It seems that there are members of the board who are just trying to prove Ms. Clevenger wrong and this is not the time, nor the place for immature childish games to ensue with taxpayer dollars. Especially when those dollars are precious now more than ever since the economy is flailing.

The school board needs to listen to the public opinion on this matter before they follow through with a decision. When Ms. Clevenger sought action, it was for our children and their best interest, and obviously, the remaining members of the board are now making a turbulent decision that sounds extremely selfish. I am proud she represents the area in which my children reside, because I want someone like this representing my children’s education. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and so are tax dollars!

Emily L. Campanell

Little Mount