LETTER: Taxes, charters and random thoughts

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By The Staff

Since some of us had to cut back on what we spend at local businesses (producing local jobs)because of the new tax on our homeowners insurance, what does the county government plan for an encore?  A tax on taxes?

 Why are high schools changing their school colors to black?  Are black uniforms cheaper than blue ones?  Are they just copying off UofL?  If UofL people jump off the bridge, will high school people jump too?

 In light of the ice storm disaster, why hasn’t FEMA rushed in here with free generators, kerosene heaters, and cell phones?  Why isn’t the evening news filled with angry people claiming that this is Obama’s fault?  Isn’t reporting what was good enough for Bush also good enough for Obama?  Is the mainstream media just biased or downright dishonest?  Is it both?

 Did you see the news about the school in Pittsburgh where teachers must give no lower than a 50% on a test or assignment, even if the student made no effort?   While pundits pointed out the obvious, that such a policy rewards and reinforces laziness, why didn’t they call it what it really is--grade fraud?  This kind of fraud couldn’t happen here, could it?

 How are we supposed to know if we’re for or against a charter government if the charter is never written?  If the city’s lawyer is concerned that the process is “undemocratic,” why doesn’t he insist on the legal doctrine of one person/one vote (which, following the last census, would give the county 11 members on a charter commission for each one the city has)?  Would that make the process democratic enough for him?

 If Wednesday mail delivery is eliminated, as the Postmaster General has suggested is possible, how will we possibly be able to wait an extra day to get our Spencer Magnet?

 I was just wondering.

 Carl Fahringer