LETTER: Thanks for support of EDA director

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What a wonderful thank you to the economic director, Annette King, in the July 6 edition. In last week’s edition, a letter of support, depicting a very busy, very caring economic director that truly is going to be missed.
As Annette’s parents, it’s our turn to thank the business owners and EDA supporters. You made such a gallant effort to save the EDA after both local government agencies pulled funding. Unfortunately, you could not sway those forces in power.
We’re convinced the decision not to fund EDA for the next fiscal year was more personal than political. When we debated about writing this letter, our intention was to be as honest and forthright as possible.
Judge-Executive Bill Karrer said thousands of potential voters expressed dissatisfaction with the EDA office. We suggest thousands didn’t know anything about the office, where it was located, or that its sole purpose was to encourage new business and support the existing businesses.
One of the magistrates had to ask the director about the function of the office. Apparently, he didn’t prepare himself very well for the position to which he had been elected. He was prepared, however, to vote when it came to funding.
Magistrate Woodie Cheek threw out some numbers about lack of support for EDA in his district.
We did a little polling, too, and those we asked said he didn’t ask them.
Our polling reveals this about the present administration – “one and done.”
In the future, economic progress will take place in Spencer County. If possible the present administration will try to claim credit for that progress. Please know that the ground work for economic development was laid and has been in motion for years. EDA Director Annette King and the dedicated board were the ones in the trenches with shovels digging.
We wrap this up by saying – Annette shake the “dust” off your feet and move on.
Thank you to everyone who stopped us at the store, in church or wherever and said such things as, “I can’t believe this,” “I don’t understand,” “unbelievable,” “we’re sorry,” and “why.”
“Good people will be remembered as a blessing” (Proverbs 10:7).
Bruce and Sharon Coulter
Mount Eden