LETTER: Thanks to those who keep us cool

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By The Staff

We doubt anyone will ever forget the ice storm of 2009, and most assuredly ,people will be talking about this summer of 2010, when the oppressive heat is affecting everyone. There are days that you walk outside and it feels like the sun is on fire.

We would imagine that most residents in Spencer County are blessed with air-conditioning, but there are those who have to endure the heat and humidity, without this luxury. There are also those whose occupations require them to work ‘outside’ in these conditions.

Just the other day, several workers from the Salt River Electric Company were trimming trees on our property so that the limbs might not pose a problem in a bad storm. This weather does not put their jobs on hold, they still must do the task at hand.

We truly wish there was some way to show our appreciation for all the effort put forth by the road crews, the electric company workers, the farmers tending their crops, to all those I neglect to mention, who must work outside in these conditions.

Please count us amongst the countless, who more than appreciate your efforts to help all of us who reside in Spencer County.

Robert and Susan McGowan