LETTER: Thumbs up to clerk’s office, thumbs down on jobs for teens in Taylorsville

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First, I would like to comment on the Spencer County Clerk’s office. The few months that Lynn Hesselbrock has taken over the office, there is a nice change
The employees have always been nice and helpful. But now, it is like a weight is lifted off them. They greet you with a bigger smile and I hear laughing and talking among them. There is no tension in the air.
I just want to say, I do not know Lynn personally, but I was greeted with a hello and a smile in the hallway, and I could tell by the look on her face, it was because she was sincere and not because it was her job. Thank you, Lynn.
The second thing I want to touch base on is jobs in Taylorsville for the teens. My grandson is 17 years of age. He has tried since he was 15 to get a job in Taylorsville. He has been to several businesses and applied as he was told to do. He has been told, “we are hiring, apply online” or “when we get an opening we will call you.” On one occasion, he was told that by the store owner.
We do not shop at the merchants everyday or every week, but when we do go in the store, we are greeted with a smile. And our money is gladly accepted.
[They’ve] just hired two or three of his friends, [but not him]. He is 17. No, he does not have the experience, but as a supervisor myself, I do know you have to give a person a chance. We all had to start somewhere.
Wanda Vaught