LETTER: Time to spiff up Spencer County

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By The Staff

The statewide Spring cleaning week, March 21-28, gives every county the opportunity to spruce up their county for the anticipated summer visitors. We want Spencer County to look spiffy to encourage people to tell their friends and family how great Spencer County is. We have some prime areas for viewing nature here in our county. It is a shame if the view is obstructed by trash and litter.

That said, we will have our Spring roadside litter abatement drive the same week for the benefit of our roads and our non-profit groups in Spencer County. Around the middle of March, if a leader of each group will come by our office at 220 Main Cross Street, we will assign roads to be cleaned, supply bags, vests, and sign in the group.

We, as a county, are doing better, but we have a lot to improve on, recycling in particular. We again will ask groups to bag the plastic bottles and aluminum cans separately from the usual burger bags and boxes, and drop them off at the recycling center on Industrial Drive. We are living in another time of turmoil, uncertainty, and low morale. It will get better, that which goes down will again go up, economic history repeats itself. Cleaning up our county and recycling all we can will be an aid in our economic recovery.

Questions will be answered if you call 502-477-3218 from 8:30 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Curtis Ochs

Solid Waste Coordinator Taylorsville