LETTER: Triathlon, lake traffic too much to handle

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On June 4 and 5, our state park hosted a triathlon at the lake. They rented the space to them over a year ago, which is great, but the downside is that the lake had since been flooded.
This is no one’s fault, but since there was a weather emergency due to the flood, there should have been other arrangements for the start of the race.  
Instead, they took up all the parking at the only open boat ramp leaving no parking for the boaters.
I personally watched as children cried because parents had to tell them they could not get on the lake.
There were sheriff’s deputies at the top of the hill controlling traffic for the triathlon. And just last week I saw the marina guy telling people the lake is open.
I know that everyone has a right to use the lake but the organization of it was poorly handled. I don’t know who is to blame.
Maybe this is a good lesson for them, but it shouldn’t have come at the expense of people who drove over an hour to get here. Listening to crying kids going home is just sad.
Anita Chamberlain