LETTER: Try a different party

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By The Staff

What a charming ad by Spencer County Democrats – with the two cute little girls on horseback – purporting that they are the caretakers of “community and family values”.  I wish it was true.

However, I switched from the Democrat Party twenty years ago because homosexual marriage, adoption of children by homosexual couples, taxpayer-funded abortion on demand, distribution of condoms in public schools, instruction beginning in kindergarten that the homosexual lifestyle is a natural and healthy one in which to rear children, opposition to school vouchers, etc. These are not planks in a party platform representative of “community and family values”, but of one which is an affront to them.  Would it be fair to mention $800 billion of additional indebtedness, primarily on pork-barrel projects, amounting to little more than political payback?

If you really want to “help make a difference”, there is now another – a different – political party in Spencer County which you may join.


Carl Turner