LETTER: Unhappy with all but Drury

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By The Staff

The Spencer Magnet reads like everyone is running for something this election year.

The candidate John Riley seems like he is in no hurry to say his two cents worth. Is that because he has already said too much? He had to go for the insurance premium tax.

Woodie Cheek does not have to be elected for he is already a judge. He judges everyone but himself.

David Jenkins says he has a lot of experience. He should tell about his experience when spending other people’s money. He wants every penny he can get to pay for his good times. Jenkins wants everybody to pay the insurance premium tax, regardless of what county they live in. My insurance company tried to make me pay his tax and I don’t even live in Spencer County.

Bill Drury is the only one who does what he says he will do. He has an interest in the people of the county. He needs your vote.

Birdie Marksbury