LETTER: A vote for change at cemetery

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By The Staff

Like many of you, I have family members in Valley Cemetery and over the past year I have watched a few board members of the corporation destroy the warmth and love some were trying to share.

With little to no attempt to contact stockholders, they began on Fathers Day removing the flowers and items we left for our loved ones and throwing them in a pile like trash. Many items were broke or damaged beyond recognition.

I watched as men and women tried to go through the items and locate the things they left for their loved ones.

While this was going on, none of the board members would take responsibility for the actions. They all tried to point the finger at one another. After this happened, the news media was contacted and investigated the situation. They interviewed one board member who resigned on television. Weeks and months later, he still sits on the board making decision we all disagree on. He did not honor his word and resign. He never formally put his resignation in writing. Is this the type of person you want to make decisions about what you can leave for your loved ones?

The time to make a change is now. The board members are up for election and I encourage you to attend the meeting and vote. If you have a certificate in your name and are unable to attend, you can sign a proxy and allow someone else to vote for you.

Please contact me at 477-2306 or another stockholder to cast your vote. Change must be made.

Donna Stevens