LETTER: A vote for Clevenger

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By The Staff

I am writing to commend to the attention of District 5 Sandy Clevenger’s candidacy for its representative on the Spencer County Board of Education.

I have come to know Sandy very well both as a friend and colleague. Though Sandy does not officially represent my district on the Board, she indeed represents all citizens of Spencer County – children, parents, teachers, and administration. She has been accused of having an agenda and being bitter toward the school system.

Personally, I don’t want a board member who doesn’t have an agenda. Sandy’s agenda is to do the right thing whether or not it’s the popular or easy thing, and often times it’s not. She worked by this belief when she was in charge of the preschool, and she lives by it every day.

Sandy knows and understands how the school system works. She researches every detail with the hope that she can do the right thing and ensure the right thing is done for our children. She looks for new ways to improve our district via grants and ideas that work in other counties.

Citizens of Mt. Eden and Little Mount, District 5, vote for Sandy Clevenger to represent us on the school board!

Ange Mattingly

Cox’s Creek