LETTER: Vote for experience in the county clerk's office

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Do you want a Spencer County Clerk who doesn’t consider the office an arm of any political party? Abbigail Nation has the experience to know that the purpose of this office is to serve the public according to the Kentucky Constitution, not to make points with whatever administration is in power.
In the interest of good government, don’t you think it would have been better management to keep an experienced deputy county clerk on the job?
Abbigail worked with auditors and gave them information they needed before the current clerk took office. A good manager will know which decisions are hers alone and which ones belong to others in the office.
Abbigail Nation did her job very well within the boundaries of her own authority and demonstrated management skills.
How about a county clerk who will be up front and honest about approximately 75 percent of the fee pool money being returned to the county clerk’s office? Most of the money collected by the clerk are taxes mandated by the state and have mandatory payouts of the monies collected. Where was that money going before and where is it going now?  If there is truly excess money, why not look for ways to use it to reduce county fees instead of being used as a “bailout” for other departments that have overrun their budgets?
Abbigail Nation has the clerk’s office experience, ability and honesty to run reports as needed. In fact, she was brought in to run reports after being dismissed by someone (with management experience) who had no idea how to get the needed information.  This shows us her loyalty to Spencer County.
I recently asked Abbigail Nation what changes she would like to make when elected to the office of Spencer County Clerk. Her first goals are to:
• Rebuild the respect for the office
• Be accessible to the public
• Train staff to respect the office and develop a culture of customer service
• Show staff by example to leave politics and rumors outside the office.
Speaking of rumors, Abbigail Nation is courageous enough to invite you to ask her side of any story you may hear.
Finally, join me in voting for Abbigail Nation for Spencer County Clerk on Nov. 6.

Bettie J. Lewis