LETTER: Vote Mann for Salt River Electric director

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My husband, Darwin Thomas, proudly represented Spencer County as Salt River Electric director for about 20 years.
Last year when he became ill, Darwin put a lot of thought into who he considered a dependable leader to complete his term as director for the county. The person Darwin nominated was Garry Mann. His fellow SRE directors agreed and voted to appoint Garry to the position to complete Darwin’s term.
Darwin knew Garry for many years and found Garry to be a strong and easy to approach leader who would have the Spencer County best interest as a first priority. Darwin felt strongly that Garry would do well as a director and continue to uphold Darwin’s promise to the county by providing excellent service to all SRE members.
I feel Darwin would be proud of the results that Garry has delivered on the behalf of Spencer County as Salt River Electric director. On April 25, the ballots to elect the director for Spencer County for the next term will be mailed to your home. I am writing this letter to ask you to join me in voting for Garry Mann when you receive the election ballot in the mail this week. I feel confident that Garry will continue to do an excellent job as SRE director representing the county.

Marie Thomas
Spencer County