LETTER: Vote Nation for County Clerk

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Are you struggling to make a decision about this year’s election? Let me give you a little information that might help you out. The County Clerk’s race is surely to be a hot topic for the next couple of weeks.
Do you vote for one of Bill Karrer’s chosen few, or for someone that has put in over 12 years of service, working for the taxpayers of Spencer County only to be fired because she was the wrong political party? When filling a position vacated due to the retirement of the former county clerk, instead of appointing someone in the office that had knowledge of the office, Karrer gave it to someone that had no experience with the job. Her experience is in nursing, not in the County Clerk’s office.
He claimed he wanted “a new set of eyes” in the office. Well how fortunate for him that the head of the Republican party, Lynn Hesselbrock, was willing to take the position. But from what I can tell 10 months later, her eyes are just as new as they were in the beginning.
On the other hand you have Abbi Nation, who, like I stated before, worked for the clerk’s office for over 12 years, and has experience in every area of the office. She knows fiscal court, she knows record keeping, elections, bookkeeping, all vehicle transactions, and mostly she knows the people of Spencer County. She greets them with a genuine smile, and acknowledgement, not one decided by what political party you are. She is a part of Spencer County, not just during her time in the clerk’s office, but during her time off as well. You can find Abbi in so many parts of Spencer County whether she’s in the stands cheering on the Bears at the weekly football games or getting things started by singing the National Anthem at the beginning of the basketball games.
She can also be found at the annual Dancing with the Stars fundraiser that she has participated in for several years. Her experience in the office alone should have been enough to be appointed as interim clerk, but she was the wrong party. It took Hesselbrock only a matter of minutes after walking into the office on that first day of December to inform Nation that she no longer had a job in the clerk’s office, citing that she was being fired because of her intent to run for the office that Hesselbrock was just appointed to.
Nation stated that if given the chance she would have worked with Hesselbrock, but she was never given that option. If Hesselbrock was looking out for the best interest of the taxpayers why would she fire someone with as much knowledge and experience as Nation? Wouldn’t you want to surround yourself with as much knowledge as possible? Wouldn’t that have been truly working for the taxpayers of Spencer County?
Instead we are paying Hesselbrock over $79,000 when she can’t answer the simplest of questions about “her” office. She proved in a recent Spencer County Fire Board meeting that she doesn’t even know what gets filed in her office and what doesn’t.
I think the answer is clear, you vote experience over politics. Do you want someone in the Spencer County Clerk’s Office that knows what they’re doing, and knows what you need? In my opinion $79,000 is way too much money to waste on someone that has no idea what they are doing.
Paul David Jewell