LETTER: A vote for Smith

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By The Staff

I would like to submit this letter on behalf of Darby Smith for District Court Judge, Division II, for the 53rd Judicial District.

David K. Ashcraft, a.k.a. Weekly Weeder Mowing Service, has worked for Darby Smith since 2004. In these five years of providing services for Mr. Smith he has never been late on a payment. And on several occasions has taken time out of his busy schedule to make sure things are going well, and to reassure me he is pleased with the services I am providing. In early spring 2008 after informing Mr. Smith I had fractured several ribs, he assured me my job would be there when I was well.

Does this qualify him for District Court Judge? I do not know. However, I do know what it says about the man seeking the position.

David Ashcraft

Bagdad, KY