LETTER: Voters deserve their questions answered

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By The Staff

As citizens, we all have the right to ask questions of our elected officials.  We also have the right to the expectations of being given an honest reply.

It is of my opinion those that are not willing to give an honest answer have no right to run for office.

I have a question that we should all think about: what does the federal government, the state government and our own Spencer County government all have in common? Could it be that they are all financially broke? 

Oh, I am sure our local government will tell one and all that we have a balanced county budget.  They might even gloat. I must remind those that speak with a forked tongue that our county government had to borrow a half million dollars a few years ago to keep from going broke and even more recently had to tax the people an additional $794,724.14 via of the occupational and insurance tax to keep afloat. Yep, almost an additional million in new taxes. 

I have looked high and low as to where any effort was made to reduce county expenditures but I can find so much animal.  Today’s political climate is one of spend then tax, spend then tax some more, etc., etc.  There is just no respect for the taxpayers these days.

Moving on, I must ask why are all the above governments always in a financial mess? Could it be because we, the voters, continue to elect those at all levels of government that are broke, busted or bankrupt?  Common dollars and “sense” tells me that those that can’t manage their own monies should not be allowed to spend the taxpayers’ dollars in such a frightful fashion.

It won’t be long before all politicians hit the campaign trail with a promise of a chicken for every pothole and the promise of Mount Everest, when our roads tell us they can’t even deliver a pick-up truck load of gravel.  Remember those jobs, jobs, jobs of four years ago and I now remind you of our record unemployment rate in the county.

When they come a-knockin’ asking for my vote, I have my own questions to ask of them. I hope you will ask the same questions.  Don’t forget these are the people that spend your money and continue to raise taxes.

The following is what I am going to ask of those campaigning for my vote: 

1.) Have you ever filed for bankruptcy, and if that is a yes, how many times?

2.)  Do you have unpaid liens filed against you and/or your busineses?

3.) Do you have federal IRS and/or state department of revenue liens filed against the same for unpaid taxes?

4.) Do you owe thousands upon thousands of dollars that are not being paid?

5.)  Do you not pay real estate or tangible taxes in the same county that you are running for office?

6.)  If you can’t balance your own check book, do you think I should let you spend my hard earned tax dollars?

7.) If you have lied or will be proven to lie on any of the above, do you really feel you are worthy of representing the people?

In closing, every level of government in America can be considered a financial nightmare and we the tax payers are footing the bill.  To vote for those who can’t handle their own finances makes about as much sense as walking to the highest and nearest cliff, then jumping off and expecting the same logic to break the fall.

Oh, I almost forgot, I think I will also ask those asking for my vote, “Do you spend taxpayers monies for bar hopping, escort services and strip clubs?” 

People you have a right to know.

Vote 2010.   

Ronald “Woodie” Cheek