LETTER: Voters take control

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By The Staff

There was a time in this country when a person voted for the one perceived to be the best one for the job. This eventually meant voting for the lesser of the evils. Now, it seems to have evolved even farther. They are all on fairly equal footing.

It doesn’t matter whether it is on a local or national level. It’s tell the people what they want to hear when you’re running for office, then, once you’re elected, cater to the lobbyists rather than those who put you in office to begin with.

Career politicians become career politicians because they keep getting re-elected. It’s not necessarily because they are getting the job done, but because the constituency is too lazy to look in another direction. Term limits don’t have to be enacted. We, as voter, have the power to control their terms by not constantly re-electing them.

As everyone knows, truth in advertising doesn’t extend to political ads. Negative ads and mud-slinging are the norm rather than the exception. Not since the days of Abraham Lincoln has the term honest been used in conjunction with politicians. At least, not in my lifetime.

Politicians today need to emphasize what they hope to accomplish, rather than make empty promises.

We need people in office with the courage to buck the party if necessary. They serve the best interests of the communities they represent. We are allowing our rights to be slowly whittled away. We are allowing the government to control us rather than us controlling the government.

This is a democracy, yet the voting averages are ridiculously low. There are people in this world who would daily give their lives just for the hope of having what we so much take for granted.

If people don’t get off their complacent duffs to vote, if we allow ineffective and self-serving politicians to be elected or continue in office and have no one willing to step up and serve the people – we, unfortunately, will witness the downfall of our wonderful nation.

The real tragedy is that its destruction will not come about due to an enemy beyond our borders, but, through the apathy of our own hand.

Roseann Smith

Mount Eden