LETTER: We gather together

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By The Staff

Friday evening, we gathered at Robin Garcia’s house. Then we caravanned to the Sanctuary Arts Center for their music jam session. This was my first visit to the Sanctuary, and I was pleasantly surprised. The first level had all sorts of art, including handcrafts, all for sale. We walked upstairs, and it was a very large room with a variety of people and musicians. There was even talent there that you wouldn’t expect outside of the political arena!!

But people were there that I would have never expected to see!

I want to express my thanks to John and Judy Shircliff for such a beautiful event! During community events, we normally wave to each other. When we gather for business meetings & at church, we shake each others hands. When we gather with family & friends, we usually hug each other. During our visit to the Sanctuary, I must have hugged more people from our community than I can remember! It felt like ‘coming home for the holidays’. When we left there, I said to myself, that was the first day of Christmas!

It actually coincided with Sunday’s homily ‘are we having fun yet?’. The community gathering in one place, and enjoying each other’s talent and presence, was a beautiful start to the holidays! I want to thank Robin Garcia for inviting people to caravan, people that would have never thought about going to downtown Taylorsville for a local event.

And a great big Thank You to John & Judy for having such a special place for local talent to share their gifts with our community!

And I know most folks like to explore really cool spots especially when traveling. Most also enjoy some great tunes! The Sanctuary Arts Center is a must for all locals and visitors alike!!

Joy Martin