LETTER: 'We need' Conway

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By The Staff

Rand Paul has said numerous times the Medicare deductible should be raised to $2,000. (Video shown on WHAS11 Oct. 4). This is a lot of money coming out of your pocket every year. If you have a spouse, their deductible will be $2,000 also, equaling $4,000 per year. He also wants the average Social Security payment to be cut from $1,100 to $700.

The Republicans have been talking about “privatizing” Social Security for years and tying it to the stock market. If you have your retirement fund tied to the market, you can imagine where that would have left us when the stock market tanked in 2008. What would you do if that happened at the time of your retirement?

Rand Paul wants to do away with government programs.

Take time to think how many of these programs help you or may help you in the future.

Doing away with the Department of Education. How is that going to make our schools better? His ideas are scary. We don’t need a Jim Bunning clone who always misspeaks or dodges the tough questions. The person elected should be able to talk to both Republicans and Democrats, not run from them as Paul is doing.

Democrats are called “liberals” and Republicans “conservative.”

The dictionary says liberals favor progress and conservatives are opposed to change. If this country had not progressed since our founding, women and blacks would still not be able to vote.

I know some of you think that would be a good thing, but that is wrong thinking. We would not have Social Security or Medicare and hard telling how unsafe the workplace, air and water would be if not for OSHA and the EPA. This country has rightfully moved forward and hopefully will continue to do so. This will only be accomplished if the right person is elected senator and that person is Jack Conway. We need him in Washington to protect our future.

Linda Humphress