LETTER: Weather can't stop science fair

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Editor’s note: The Spencer County Middle School recently had its annual science fair and sponsor Mike Jessee submitted the following thank you. The fair was rescheduled from its original Jan. 27 date to Feb. 3 due to inclement weather.

Though (the bad weather) caused several problems with rescheduling because of the logistics, Ms. Rhonda Cox, our librarian, was instrumental in helping us by scheduling her week to make room for the fair. It had never been there before, so the planning was critical to pull this off, and we only had a week to do it. I was supported by all the staff with this, but some of the students who helped me set the library up, and who should get mentioned, included my whole seventh period class, as well as Blake Lamdin, Jamie Neunam, and Hannah Legg, from my first period class.

Special accolades in helping prepare the fair should go to Sara Shafar, one of my seventh period students. Without Sara, I do not know how I could have pulled this off in such short notice.

With respect to the fair itself, I would like to see mentioned the fact that it was considered by many to be a great idea to move it from the gym to the media center. It was quiet, took on the feel that a science fair should have with all the books, etcetera, that the media center could offer, and made one think of science, curriculum, and academia, instead of hardwood floors, basketball goals, and the echoing sounds of the gym as had been the case in years past. From this point of view, I had many of the staff suggest it was one of the best science fairs that they had ever had, and the new tradition of having it in the media center was born from this event. It appears this is where we will have it from now on.

I do not want the article to appear this was due to me. I played a small role in its preparation, and I prefer my name to be actually left out! This event was great this year due to the collaborative efforts of all the staff, students, and parents, and they are the reason it was so successful.

The fair itself was enjoyed by all, and though many of the judges had to cancel (this was actually quite stressful on me because without them I would not even be able to have a fair!) some last minute scrambling secured six judges and without them the fair would not have been as successful as it was. We had many professionals from different science backgrounds including engineering, nursing, and academics, and such noteworthy companies as Salt River Electric, Seven Counties, and Louisville, Gas, and Electric. These judges and companies represented great knowledge of science and scientific design which gave the fair much credibility with respect to the judging, and who won. The judges, who I think should definitely be mentioned for their help included, Tim Sharp, Laura Sturgeon, Kathy Dippel, Tom Jessee, Amanda Goodlett, and Leigh Foxx.

The students themselves, the focus of the fair, did a great job of presenting to the judges. Though many were nervous, all had great presentation voices, were very well spoken, articulate, and had a genuine understanding of their projects which showed when they conveyed themselves not only to the judges, but when answering their questions as well.
The students all had a lot of fun, and the fair throughout the day was not only a great learning experience, but went smooth, and was extremely enjoyable to all who attended it or participated in it.

After the judging was over, the parents, students and community in general were all invited back for the awards ceremony in the school auditorium at 6:30 that same evening.

The public was able to view all the projects before the ceremony. During the ceremony, a brief round of applause and general thanks was given to the judges, and then the awards were handed out to the students. Everyone had a good time, and the ceremony was short but sweet!

The day after the fair, on Friday, the rest of the student body was able to view the fair and all of the projects, and at the end of the day Mr. White, one of our principals, announced all of the winners. The fair was very successful, and everyone is looking forward to not only having it again, but enjoying it in the media center from now on. A new tradition with respect to location has begun.

Mike Jessee
Spencer County Middle School