LETTER: What happened to the team?

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I’ve often been disappointed thinking about how too many people pay more attention to their sports teams than their government. However, with the latest display of complete dysfunction on Fiscal Court, clearly it is more encouraging and productive to observe “team spirit,” winning attitudes and a desire to succeed displayed by the Spencer County Bears than Spencer County Fiscal Court. Go Bears!
I suggest the Spencer County Bears team attend the next “daily” Fiscal Court meeting, in full gear, and instruct the team leader on the importance of hard work, teamwork and leadership to accomplish positive results.
Clearly the team leader on Fiscal Court never learned the importance of bringing his team together in his effort to move the ball down the field toward a goal line. Spencer County will continue to lose ground, miss important opportunities and get “pounded” by the competition (surrounding counties) as long as the team leader on Fiscal Court refuses to bring out the best in every player on the team and getting the whole team moving the ball toward the goal.    
The team likely will fail, the county likely will fail to succeed and prosper, as long as the team leader acts as if he is the only player on the field worthy and capable of having access to the ball, the goal and the playbook.
Oh sure, there are stronger players and weaker players on every team. But it is the team leader that plays the important role of bringing the team together, lifting their winning spirits and bringing out the best possible in every player on the team. It’s certainly not helpful for the team leader to trip up and block the team’s stronger players, berate the weaker players or play one team member against another only so he is in total control of the ball, the goal and the playbook.
A team leader should work to bring out the best of every player and to promote an atmosphere of a winning team spirit. Clearly that has not and is not happening on Fiscal Court.
Maybe it’s time to send in the Bears or seriously consider replacing the team leader at the next opportunity.
John Riley