LETTER: What is he thinking?

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Judge-Executive Bill Karrer never seems to think things out and never has a plan to finish what he starts. From the time he has come into office, he has shot from the hip while blindfolded. He has made so many irresponsible decisions it would be hard to list them all here. He seldom includes the Fiscal Court in his actions and then they have to clean up his mess at the next Fiscal Court meeting. When he first took office, he tried to fire Steve Clark in a seemingly vindictive action and Fiscal Court overturned that action.
His latest attempt to fire Clark on Wednesday, Feb. 20, was overturned on Monday, Feb. 25, by four of our most responsible members of the Fiscal Court while the others did not show or refused to show. After a special meeting on Friday, Feb. 22, a heated discussion about firing Clark took place. I went home and downloaded the Administrative Code of Spencer County and spent many hours reading it. In that document, it states the department heads — Clark is the head of his department — have the right to set their work week schedule.
I called a lot of friends in the know and it turns out Clark and David Jenkins had an agreement that Clark worked on a 24/7-type work schedule. When I built our home in 2004, he gave me his cell number and told me to call any time I needed him and I did that a few times. He never failed to respond to my calls for help. The problem began when Bill Karrer took office and Clark didn’t continue that arrangement with Karrer. I doubt Karrer would have been smart enough to continue that arrangement due to earlier personal confrontations with Clark.
I am proud to say that Lynn Hesselbrock, our county clerk, attended the meeting to do her duty as recorder of the minutes. I am a Republican and I fear that Karrer is destroying the advances the Republican Party has made in Spencer County over the past few years. It’s my hope that the reasonable citizens of Spencer County understand that all Republicans don’t act as Karrer does.
Carl Darnell