LETTER: Where is the outrage?

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By The Staff

Last week I was listening to an expert panel of economists and their future forecast is one that should trouble the entire world.  For the first time in my life I have become “economically frightened.”  Not for myself, but for my children, my grandchildren and all the young people of this country. 

In that I listened to a sixty minute telecast, I could fill the paper with financial indicators that spell nothing but gloom and doom.  To characterize the conclusion of this program, it was noted the only way this country could escape our current deep recession was to fall into a deadly depression.  It was shared that all the financial indicators of this recession were lining themselves up for the perfect storm of a depression.  One expert referred to our future as a financial Armageddon that would lead to an unstable America and global situation.

 What must we do?  Yesterday I pulled up a descriptor on Lee Iacocca’s new book, “Where have all the Leaders Gone?”  I am going to go buy it today.  He says, “Am I the only guy in this country who’s fed up with what’s happening? Where the hell is our outrage?  We should be screaming bloody murder.  We’ve got a gang of clueless bozos steering our ship of state right over a cliff, we’ve got corporate gangsters stealing us blind, and we can’t even clean up after a hurricane much less build a hybrid car.  But instead of getting mad, everyone sits around and nods their heads when the politicians say, “Stay the course.”  Stay the course? You’ve got to be kidding.  This is America, not the damned, Titanic.  I’ll give you a sound bite: “Throw all the bums out.”

 When he speaks bums, naturally he is speaking the politicians.  Go to LeeIacocca.com and search for snopes.com Lee Iacocca where have all the leaders gone.  I feel you will want to go buy a book also.

 Last night I was watching Dateline and it was discussing the $700 billion stimulus package that sent the first $350 billion to the troubled financial institutions of the country with no strings attached.  Can you believe that, “no strings attached.”  Then it discussed when the American government wanted an idea of what they were doing with the money they all but snubbed our government.  I just can’t believe what is happening.

 I have a Frenchman that I talk with on a regular basis and he talks about how incredibly stupid the American voter is and has been for decades.  He says we listen to all the lies of the politicians and we continually vote them back into office.  I tell him that we are trusting people and when we say something it is the truth and when we hear something we in turn consider it to be the truth, but honesty and politics are not good bedfellows.

 I ask, “Where and how do we start to reclaim our future?”  I tell you how, we start in our own back yard and vote out all the politicians at the local level, then we go to the state level and finish at the doorstep of our nation’s capital.  We also ask questions and we hold those that are in office accountable.  We become responsible citizens and demand that our vote be accounted for nothing less than the truth.  The American people have lost faith in our government at all levels.  But, I am going to keep the faith in the people.  There is an old saying, “Time brings all things to life.”  In 2010 when you go to the polls to vote ask yourself, “Can this person lead? Can this person manage?”  Then go back and look at this person’s record and make your decision.

 What I love about politicians is they will say, “I did this and I did that.”  When you think about it they didn’t do a damn thing but spend your hard earned tax dollars.  When they finally figured out they had spent more than they had they think “no problem” let’s tax them some more.  We can put man on the moon.  We have the technology to accomplish almost impossible daily tasks, but we can’t  elect government officials that can add two plus two.  Maybe we are dumber than rocks when it comes to voting.  Think about this in 2010.  As voters are we the problem or are we the solutions?

Ronald Cheek