Levee commission moves forward with recertification

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By William Carroll

After being reelected to serve an additional term on the Spencer County Kentucky Levee Flood Control and Drainage District No. 1, all three levee commissioners moved forward with plans to rectify the levee.
All three current members of the commission; Mike Driscoll, Bobby Smith and Joan Smith were reelected to the commission with Jan Deigle being elected to serve as commission secretary.
Several weeks ago Driscoll met with Spencer County Judge Executive Bill Karrer, and the two men presented a proposal to the Kentucky Association of Counties that would procure a $500,000 loan to fund a levee recertification project. The project would include a review of the levee by an approved engineer as well as possible repairs to the levee in order to bring it up to a certifiable level.
Driscoll said the project could possibly be funded with direct help from the Spencer County, the city of Taylorsville and the county’s special taxing districts. At the April 7 Spencer County Fiscal Court meeting, Driscoll presented the levee commission’s proposal to the magistrates and received at least preliminary approval of the plan. Driscoll said that he next intends to present the proposal to the city of Taylorsville and commissioners said they had scheduled an appointment with the city on April 24 at 4:30 p.m.
Commissioners said that they were in support of providing $125,000 for the project over the next five years and approved a motion to commit funds to the project. The commission also approved a motion to ask all of the special taxing districts to participate in the funding project.
Driscoll said that his hope is that the city, county and special taxing districts will all agree to contribute $125,000 to the project to match the commission’s $125,000 commitment, bringing the total amount to $500,000 over five years. If the other entities will not join with the levee commission and the county Driscoll said that an alternative plan exists.
“If the other entities don’t want to buy in the commission and the county could do this ourselves over a ten year period,” Driscoll said.
In other matters before the commission:
• Levee commission Treasurer Lois Platt original asked to resign but was ultimately reappointed as treasurer after ongoing discussion regarding modification of her duties.
• Commissioners approved bonds for commissioners and a $50,000 bond for Platt. Platt’s bond was based upon the significant sums of money the levee is anticipating as part of the loan with KACO.
• Commissioners discussed the need to hire an engineer for recertification of the levee. Commissioners wanted to move forward with the process and suggested allowing engineers to bid on the project.
• Commissioners tabled a discussion regarding a new office for the commissioner. Driscoll said that legally the commission needs an office for the storage of files. Commissioners discussed possible locations for the office and the matter was tabled in order to allow commission attorney Jim Hodge the opportunity to research acceptable locations.
• Commissioners rescinded all prior memorandums of understanding with the intention that any deemed useful at a later date could be reinstated.
• Commissioners tabled a discussion on tax collection and appraisal of property. All commissioners agreed that the current tax collection structure should be reworked in order to be more fair to all concerned property owners.