Listen to the Lord's little warning signs

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By Jon Rohr

Just about the time our heads hit the pillows my wife said, “What was that?” At that point, I didn’t hear anything so we just laid back down. Sure enough, a few minutes later I heard something.
A beeping sound echoed through our house. But it was hard to track down. I checked the bedrooms and bathrooms, the living room and the kitchen; I checked the laundry room, nothing. I went downstairs to my office, nothing. I went to the garage, nothing. It seemed to be coming from everywhere at once, but nowhere in particular.
Finally, I found it, a smoke detector with a bad battery in the utility room. It was up above the door where it was hard to see and close enough to the ductwork that it echoed everywhere in the house. A little thing, but annoying, a simple battery change and everything was back to normal.
In our lives, it is often the little things that can bring us down. A few clicks on a computer and the Internet lets you see things none of us should be exposed to. A moment of weakness filling out a form and suddenly you have stolen a few dollars from the boss. The teacher seems too hard, so we justify cheating on the test. Little things that nag our conscience, but we easily ignore.
Be careful about the little things. The little warning signs that nag at our hearts and we try to dismiss.
Paul says, “I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man.” (Acts 24:16 NIV)
When your conscience whispers, listen. It may be as simple as a little battery, once replaced the problem is over. But if you donít replace the battery, if you don’t listen to the little warning, you risk a big flare-up that could destroy what you love.
So listen carefully for those first warning signs of conscience. When your conscience beeps, pay attention. God has given us a warning system that keeps us safe, but ignore it enough, and the battery dies.
In your marriage, or at work or school, in matters of integrity or honesty, don’t compromise your conscience. Listen to the Lord’s warning signs. Then the little sparks won’t become raging fires that ruin your life. God gave you a conscience, listen to it.