Local FCCLA students participates in It Can Wait Drive 4 Pledges Day

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Submitted to the Spencer Magnet

On Sept. 19, the Spencer County High School FCCLA chapter participated in the AT&T and National Organizations for Youth Safety nationwide It Can Wait Drive 4 Pledges Day. All week long, FCCLA prepared students by showing video stories from victims of texting and driving accidents, reviewing statistics, and holding discussions with teachers and peers. All this resulted in more than 200 students making a promise to not text and drive.

Some of the eye opening statistics shared with the student body were:
•97 percent of teens say they know texting while driving is dangerous, but 43 percent admit to doing so
•77 percent of those teens also said they’ve seen their parents text and drive.
•75 percent say it is “common” among their friends.
Spencer County High School students are no different than other drivers. Texting while driving happens regularly on our local streets and highways. Many students expressed a resolve and new mindset as a result of the videos and statistics.
Safety comes first when you’re in the driver’s seat. To help battle unsafe texting, here are a few key tips:
• Be smart. Don’t text and drive. No text message is worth a life.
• Be in control. Remember it’s your phone. You decide if and when to send and read texts so take control.
• Be caring. Don’t send a text when you know your family member, friend or co-worker is driving.
• Be a BFF. Friends don’t let each other text and drive. Visit ItCanWait.com and pledge not to text and drive, and encourage your friends to do the same. Check out the resources on that page – such as a documentary that shows life-altering effects of texting behind the wheel – and spread the word, too.