Local firefighter recounts his service here, abroad

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By Shannon Brock

Editor’s note: The Spencer Magnet aims to feature throughout the month of November first responders in the Spencer County community who are also veterans. This week, we talked to Capt. Charles Partin of the Taylorsville-Spencer County Fire Department.

Three days after the attacks on America on Sept. 11, 2001, Taylorsville native Charles Partin began a mission into Afghanistan with the United States Marine Corps.
“I was 22 and scared to death,” Partin recalled last week.
Partin was part of a group responsible for securing an airbase in Afghanistan in order for the Air Force and Army to come in, he said.
He was stationed 50 miles off the Pakistani coastline and spent a month and half overseas — the first time.
Partin was also deployed in January 2003. He spent two months in Kuwait and was part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After the invasion of Iraq, Partin spent nearly three months in Iraq.
E4 Cpl. Charles Partin returned home on July 2, 2003.
But Partin didn’t leave the line of service — he just returned to it. Partin has been a volunteer firefighter since 1999.
Partin said he grew up around the fire department as well as the military with several family members serving in each of those roles.
“It’s two different roles,” Partin said. “But in some aspects they’re the same.”
With the fire service, “you never leave no one behind,” Partin said.
And with the Marine Corps, “you never leave a brother behind,” he said.
Both services are also similar in rank structures, Partin said.
“You put yourself in danger for a greater cause.”